Green UP
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Green UP is a versatile and high-yield production equipment. It has been designed and optimized for urban culture. It integrates the constraints: silent operation, load adapted to existing roofs, resource consumption and waste production efficient.


In a context of urban densification and a dynamics of "locavores" consumers, Urban Agriculture (UA) is a fast-growing market. The 20-year projection predict that UA should satisfy 20% of urban fruit and vegetable needs.


Green UP has been designed by a group of French independent companies specialized in vegetal engineering (CRITT Horticole), Urban Agriculture (All Green Roof) and design and manufacture of professional agricultural equipment (Chabeauti).

Green UP est cofinancé par l'Union Européenne. L'Europe s'engage en Poitou-Charentes avec le Fonds Européen de Développement Régional.